As we gear up for our 2024 event, we invite you to journey back and explore the incredible vendors from our 2023 festival. Dive into various fungi-related products, services, and exhibits that captivated attendees last year. It’s a fantastic way to get a sneak peek into what you might expect for our upcoming 2024 festival.

This section will be updated with our 2024 vendors as soon as they are announced, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, let the vibrant world of last year's fungi fest inspire and excite you for what's to come.

🍄 Happy exploring, and see you in 2024! 🍄


Fungi Farm

Fungi Farm

Fungi Farm specializes in mushroom cultivation supplies to meet your growing needs. Our products are 100% grown and produced by us in our own facility in the USA.

We offer spawn, ready-to-fruit blocks, and various supplies needed by farmers/growers, as well as education and onsite tours that will show you what it takes to get started in this exciting industry!

Mushroom Man Tan

Mushroom Man Tan Logo


Tanner Hammond aka "Mushroom Man Tan" is an expert mushroom forager and cultivator, hailing from Daphne, Alabama. With over 11 years of experience in the culinary arts and 4 years specializing in mushrooms, Tanner has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and skillful mushroom experts in the Gulf Coast region. He leads educational mushroom expeditions into the great outdoors, teaching participants about different varieties of mushrooms and how to find them. He also creates unique recipes that bring out the best flavor and texture from every type of mushroom.

Sweetbill- mushrooms, fruit and smoking wood

Sweetbill Logo

Locally collected or grown: herbs, fruits, vegetables, smoking woods, firewood, lumber, jams, jellies

Hooper's Garage Antiques

Hooper's Garage Antiques

Hooper's Garage Antiques carries a wide variety of Collectibles, Treasures and Retro Décor. They will have a selection of Vintage Jewelry, Mosaics, Antiques, and mushroom and floral-themed art and jewelry.

Cedar and Moon Apothecary

Cedar and Moon Apothecary Logo

Cedar and Moon is an Indigenous ran apothecary utilizing traditional ancestral knowledge. 

"Cedar & Moon Apothecary works in relation with nature which means offerings are seasonal and may change based on what Mother Nature has blooming and available. I only tincture fresh plant material, ensuring that each tincture is well balanced and energetically whole. As an Indigenous woman doing this work on my traditional homelands, preservation and conservation are deeply important to me and at the very heart of my practice. Myself and my family work incredibly hard to grow and forage the plant ally's we use to make the many different herbal offerings you've come to know and love. To ensure the sustainability and preservation of these incredible plant relatives, I only make small batches, and a lot of my offerings are only available once or twice throughout the year. I ethically source the plant material I cannot grow or forage myself from Mountain Rose Herbs, as they are the only herb company I trust. Their core values on sustainability and organic agriculture match my own, and I'm grateful for their trailblazing efforts." - Melissa Mizell Nichols, Owner 

Mindfull Mycology

Mindfull Mycology Logo

Welcome to Mindfull Mycology, a medicinal mushroom extract company concerned with potency, not profits. Set amid the forests of the southern Appalachian Mountains, we're guided by three core values: potent products, affordable prices and transparent processes. We grow, extract and bottle practically everything in-house and never use grains, fillers or imported mushrooms in our products. Check out the products in our Shop or head over to our Learn page to read about the health benefits a medicinal mushroom extract can bring to your life.

Professionally Extracted, Small Batch, High Potency, Third Party Tested, 100% Mushroom Fruit Bodies

Homestead Grown, Lab Extracted

Southern Chili Lab

Southern Chili Lab

Founders Jonathan Kastner & Tyler Braun were both born and raised in Lafayette, LA, but have worked in some of the best kitchens all over the United States and the world. After years & years of working in restaurants, they both yearned for an outlet to create delicious products that could be shared with everyone. One night at a mutual friend's bbq, the idea of a creating a hot sauce business began to take shape. After months of R&D, Southern Chili Lab was born. 

Fermentation is at the core of every product we develop. This preservation technique adds a depth of flavor that is unmatched. We lacto ferment our sauces using Trapani sea salt from the coasts of Italy. Fermented for just long enough to develop the distinct sour notes only achieved using this method. 

Seasonal Bites

Seasonal Bites

Shaun Thompson, owner of Seasonal Bites LLC, is a personal chef with a passionate emphasis on hyperlocal, homegrown, and wild-sourced foods. He believes the ingredients can speak for themselves as it conveys in his culinary style. Shaun loves to demonstrate all the natural substitutions available that one may hastily turn to the market for unnecessarily. As an avid wild mushroom hunter, he is naturally gifted with his ability to envision them in many dishes and forms and is eager to serve his inspiration to all.

El Gaucho Virgen

El Gaucho Virgen Vendor Image

Taller de Ceramica / Handmade Ceramics

Collins Wood

Collins Wood Logo

Artist/Fingerboard company from Mobile, AL. Making top quality hand designed decks since 2015.

Cooper Farm

Cooper Farm Logo

Our family-owned nursery is passionate about growing our own organic food, REAL food, and helping others learn.  Kitti has a real passion for teaching others and helping community achieve this on their own.  Kitti started gardening into her school days simply for food.  She is self-taught not for the fun of it but to provide food for her family.  Kitti quickly picked up selling extra garden starts and vegetables to co-workers, to the farmers market, and it all just kept rolling from there. Organic food is important for your mental and physical health.  It doesn’t need to feel like survival mode for ANYONE. 

We want to teach as many as possible about how to grow their own food.  Our Coopers Table is 100% dedicated to providing real food via overproduction of local farmers, homesteaders and bakers.  We hope one day to replace all these crepe myrtles with community fruit trees but until then we want to donate and plant fruit trees in all the low income areas, build raised beds for vegetables gardens, teach individuals who need a foot up how to seed start, grow and preserve their own food.

We love to share our knowledge and help our community.  

Aura Studio

Aura Studio Logo

Brooke Temple of Aura Studio will have a selection of window beads and one-of-a-kind Suncatchers 

Madden's Garden Myco-Herbal Wellness

Madden's Garden Logo

Brandi and Jacob Creel make and sell mushroom extracts, herbal tinctures, and salves to promote wellness in their community

Bee-Lightful Botanicals and Homestead

Bee-Lightful Botanicals and Homestead Logo

Handmade Herbal products, Herb Basics and foraging classes, heirloom plants, and custom dreamcatchers

Swamp Sprouts

Swamp Sprouts Logo

Swamp Sprouts is a raw and earthy reflection of artist Tristen Rolling's need to nurture the creative spirit and advocate for mental health. Louisiana's enchanting swamp creatures are just one of the many inspirations.

Swamp Sprouts is a haven for those who are passionate about our planet. It's also a resource for uplifting reassurance. Every piece of art and content is made to promote positive transformation within.

This community is a celebration of environmental consciousness.

The Happy Natural Mama

The Happy Natural Mama

The Happy Natural Mama's passion is effective and natural health and wellness using plant medicine. 🌿 💚

Natural Health and Wellness Remedies + Natural skincare made from plants and mushies. 

Slow-Infused herbal honeys, herb and mushroom-infused skincare products (face cream, eye cream, face oils, scrubs, cleansing grains/mask), herbal and mushroom teas, tinctures, herbal lip balms, body oils, hair tea, elderberry syrup, fire cider, soothing syrup, and simple syrups.

The Purple Bumblebee

The Purple Bumblebee

Our names are Desiree and Tyler, and we share a passion for all things nature and creativity. Tyler is a full-time worker and a veteran who is currently pursuing his master's degree. Meanwhile, Desiree works at an insurance company and spends much of her time crafting. In 2021, we began selling Desiree's art and recently expanded into laser engraving. We established our small business, The Purple Bumblebee, to showcase our unique creations to the world. We appreciate your love and support!

All This Entertainment

 All This Entertainment

All This Entertainment is a team of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering creative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. As both a production crew and studio located in Mobile, Alabama, inside a converted church chapel, A.T.E. specializes in video, audio, and music production. Our services range from commercials, creative advertising platforms, music videos, behind the scenes content, actor portfolios, content optimization, EPK’s, and more. We empower and educate our clients and partners through the power of media, film, and music. With All This Entertainment, we enhance and simplify the process while creating a stimulating atmosphere of innovation to elevate your brands and visions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals through the power of entertainment.

Custom Fit Baths

Custom Fit Baths

CustomFit Baths & Showers specializes in transforming outdated bathrooms into rejuvenating spa-like oasis. We use durable acrylic bathtubs, showers and wall systems that fit perfectly into your existing bathroom. Our products require minimal maintenance, creating a long-lasting luxurious look with ease. At CustomFit we strive to provide an outstanding customer experience from start to finish.

If you want a walk-in tub, tub-to-shower conversion or full replacement of your bathtub and shower–CustomFit will make it easy for you to achieve the perfect solution for any size bathroom project. Our mission is to provide worry free design services along with professional installations supported by top quality products that are sure to last-putting homeowners first every step of the way.

Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs

Billy's Gourmet HotDogs

Chicago style food truck Serving Vienna beef hotdogs (Chicago style) We make our own Beer brats, Buffalo brat and Elk brat and many more! Catering privately or serving to the public

 My Brother and Me

My Brother and Me

Food trailer serving a variety of foods including burgers, tenders, wings, seafood etc.

Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC

Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC

Common Sense / Self-Defense training. Training for law enforcement and responsible citizens

Odd Octopus Studios

Odd Octopus Studios

Handmade decorations, jewelry, and other expressions of personal oddities such as ceramic wind chimes/garden decorations, spoons/scoops, tumblers, and home décor, as well as wooden earrings

Be Balanced Wholistic Day Spa

Be Balanced Wholistic Day Spa

Amanda McFadden is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Craniosacral Therapist, and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.

She inspires people to embrace their own inner power, take control, and live a joyful, vibrant, and healthy life. " specialty is helping people relieve chronic pain, increase low vibration from emotional traumas, remove blocked energies from auto accidents or major surgeries, to balance the body's energy and stimulate the self healing process." She has over 16 years experience in the business and has worked in spas, chiropractic offices and wellness centers all over the U.S.

Be Balanced Wholistic Day Spa will offer massage demos, massage packages, oracle readings, and energy readings at the Gulf Coast Fungi Festival



Anime and Abstract acrylic painting

Wild Magnolia Kombucha

Wild Magnolia Kombucha

At Wild Magnolia Kombucha, we are excited to offer locally handcrafted, small batched kombucha

 Madd Splatter

Mad Splatter

Madd Splatter is a Pop Artist from Daphne, AL. He specializes in paintings of musicians, superheroes, and pop culture icons. He also specializes in black light paintings just in time for the spooky season.



Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network-ASAN is a grassroots network of farmers, consumers, and agriculture-related organizations, all committed to promoting sustainable agriculture in Alabama. Stop by their booth and learn how you can support small farmers

Moonlit Customs 

Moonlit Customs sells beautiful crystals, hand makes intricate jewelry, does watercolors, art, and also cultivates cact.

Gulf Shores Soaps

Gulf Shores Soaps

Gulf Shores Soaps creates homemade soaps, health products, and resin/epoxy art

Hive Holistics

Hive Holistics

Hive Holistics- Conscious Crafters of Herbal + Botanical Wellness products that you can feel good about. From the sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, to the reusable and compostable packaging, we are committed to implementing better and better practices for our health and the planet. Come journey with us, as we all learn together.

Mavera Fairhope

Mavera Fairhope

Mavera Fairhope is Coastal Organic Apparels. We specialize in handmade Turkish cotton clothing that is sustainably sourced and produced with love. We believe in creating beautiful pieces that make a statement, both in their style and in the materials used. Our products are designed to last, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We use only natural materials like organic cotton and traditional weaving techniques to create unique pieces that are as good for the environment as they are for your lifestyle as a superstyler in your tribe.

Mad Fitness

Mad Fitness- Marsha Kirk with Mad Fitness provides the world's preeminent Pure Therapeutic Ketones made naturally. Ketones are a drink not a diet. You do not have to be on any specific diet to drink ketones and get the benefits of ketosis. This is an optimal health supplement with benefits - more focused and mental clarity, great mood, natural sustainable energy, and fat loss. It’s a great pre-workout for performance and endurance, muscle growth and muscle preservation. The benefits go on and on..

 Gmay Glass

Gmay Glass is coming down here from Tennessee to share his beautiful glass pieces with all us fungi enthusiasts! 

Kombucha Lady/Barter Boss

Kombucha Lady

Kombucha Lady/Barter Boss- Candice Gray, A single mother to one incredible son ! Proudly has Roots settled here in Baldwin County ! She has redefined their health ,their home, and their finances with simple nutritional changes and methods , leaving big pharma behind and an organic life ahead ! A community barter box at her “apartment-stead” allows you to access her healthy delicious creations! Yogi - health enthusiast-entrepreneur

Lost Boys Mushrooms

Lost Boys Mushrooms 

Lost Boys Mushrooms is a Sustainable Mushroom Farm based out of Pensacola Florida, producing a variety of gourmet mushrooms, as well as spices. We also offer Mushroom grow kits, grow supplies, mushroom tinctures and powders, as well as freeze dried mushrooms, and various other products.

The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone 

The Comfort Zone is a food trailer providing burgers, hotdogs, BBQ sandwiches, buffalo chicken sandwich, loaded nachos and fries.

 4th Street Superfood

4th Street Superfood a local family growing Microgreens to strengthen our health and wellness journey of life!