Workshops & Activities

As we stir the pot for an even more engaging 2024, we invite you to reflect on the immersive sessions of yesteryear. Browse through the wide array of workshops and activities from 2023 to relive those hands-on moments and get a sense of the interactive experiences we’re curating for next year.

Stay curious! We'll soon unveil the array of workshops and activities set for 2024. Until then, let the memories of last year's sessions spark your excitement for what’s on the horizon.

🌟 Eager to craft, create, and collaborate again in 2024! 🌟

Cooking Demonstration

Mushroom Man Tan

During the first evening of the festival, Tanner Hammond will be leading a cooking demonstration, and the first one hundred people to purchase a weekend festival pass will have the chance to taste his delicious creations! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get an up-close and personal look at how Tanner prepares mushrooms in all their glorious forms. Come enjoy his artful dishes and learn some new tips for making mushroom dishes of your own. So don't wait - grab your ticket to the Gulf Coast Fungi Festival and get ready for a truly unique culinary experience with "Mushroom Man Tan"

Mushroom Forays

Daytime Foray

Foray Photo

The best way to learn mushroom identification is firsthand. Touch and smell are some of the best senses one can utilize for identifying mushrooms. Our daytime foray is the perfect opportunity to learn about local fungi in their natural environment. We’ll explore woodlands, marshes, and fields as we go on an expert-led hunt to find all the mushrooms we can. We’ll learn how to identify edible and poisonous varieties, as well as which mushrooms can be eaten raw and which should be cooked before consumption. Our leaders will provide instruction on mushroom identification, safety tips, and advice on foraging responsibly.

Nighttime UV Foray

Alan Rockefeller UV Mushroom

Photo by Alan Rockefeller

Experience the exciting world of mycology after dark with a unique nighttime foray featuring ultraviolet light! Our experts will help you explore the wide range of fluorescent mushrooms (and other organisms!) that can be found in the evening using the power of ultraviolet light. Observe the beautiful and mesmerizing colors that are only visible in the dark and learn about the science behind this phenomenon. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced forager, our UV foray offers a truly unique experience to explore and learn more about mushrooms. So don’t miss out – join us for an unforgettable foray under the stars!

Don't forget to bring your headlamp and UV flashlight to get the most out of this nighttime experience.

 Log Inoculation

Shiitake Mushroom Log

Join local growers Mark Hainds, Tanner Hammond and Allen Carroll to learn about mushroom log inoculation. In this workshop, participants will gain the basic knowledge of how to successfully create a shiitake mushroom log that can be grown in the garden or back yard. Participants will get hands-on experience with the preparation and inoculation process, plus plenty of time to ask questions and receive expert advice. This is an ideal workshop for beginners and experienced growers alike! Come gain the knowledge to start or expand your own backyard mushroom garden.

Best Costume and Best Hat Contest

Costume and Hat Contest

We are hosting a Best Costume and Best Hat contest at our festival! Come dressed in your most creative costume or hat Sunday morning for a chance to win two festival passes for the 2024 festival. The contest will take place Sunday morning at 10AM. Winners will be selected in both categories, so you could win both! Don't miss this great opportunity to show off your creativity. We can't wait to see your outfits!